The place to find and store BEE scorecards.

Beagle is our B-BBEE scorecard database of over 22 000 scorecards. Fed by clients, Verification Agencies, and Industry Associations, suppliers can upload their scorecards directly to save you the burden of manually collecting their scorecards.

Upload a verified scorecard certificate as a PDF and share it with anyone. No more faxing or emailing, now anyone can download it.
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Search for a scorecard by company name or VAT number. Download the scorecard as a PDF or view the compliance details online.
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Download multiple scorecards at once. Simply upload a spreadsheet of VAT numbers and Beagle will generate a zip folder with the scorecards found.
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Search for a supplier by commodity, region and several BEE criteria.
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Companies can search for and download as many supplier scorecards as they wish for free.

Companies may conduct a bulk automated search of all their suppliers. They will receive, in return, the same file they uploaded with the B-BBEE scorecard information of all their suppliers (if a suppliers B-BBEE scorecard has been uploaded into the database).

Beagle is offered as a value adding service to our clients as well as the public. Companies that subscribe to our IT systems automatically have access to the scorecard information within the database. All B-BBEE scorecard information of our clients suppliers is automatically fed into the Mpowered IT systems, thereby automating the Preferential Procurement process.


Mpowered Business Solutions cannot send your company spam. No registration process is required when a company searches the database or uploads a copy of its B-BBEE scorecard. Because no contact information is available within the database, unscrupulous businesses cannot access the database and mine it for potential clients.

Mpowered Business Solutions has implemented the Beagle database solution for specific industries to enable companies operating within a similar industry to leverage the efforts of other companies in obtaining supplier B-BBEE information. Our alliance with these industry bodies gives an indication that this database system offers users a reputable and sustainable business solution.

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Online collection of over 22 000 B-BBEE scorecards
  • ❯ Free, and open to the public
  • ❯ Easy scorecard searches
  • ❯ Simple scorecard sharing
  • ❯ Bulk download function
  • ❯ Numerous industry association alliances
  • ❯ Reduced duplicate effort
  • ❯ Convenient integration with the BEEtoolkit and Supplier Management System.

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