Beagle is the country’s go-to-place for B-BBEE certificates.  Beagle was developed by Mpowered Business Solutions, the leading B-BBEE compliance management software solutions company.  Beagle was established to help the B-BBEE community simplify supplier compliance management.

B-BBEE certificates are curated with the help of some of the country’s leading B-BBEE verification agencies that provide us with every certificate they verify each month.

Whilst the team at Beagle uses a 2-step quality control process to avoid data capture errors, thereby committing to a less than 1% error rate, members of the public can also upload certificates.  It is therefore the responsibility of our Beagle community to report fraudulent scorecards, or compliance information uploaded in error.   

Please report fraudulent scorecards to [email protected] and we will take the issue up with the B-BBEE Commissioner.

If you have any ideas on how to improve Beagle, or any general feedback, please contact:

[email protected]